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French Bulldog Puppies Florida

French Bulldog Puppies florida  is a family that breeds puppies in a family environment, healthy and not with more than 2 litters a year for reasons of ethics and well-being, this activity we do as a family hobby, we want to bring happiness to homes with these little puppies French Bulldog, we are a family passionate about dogs, this allows us to give the love and time necessary to our pets.

Price Our Puppies $1.750


All of our Frenchies are well socialized from birth by the kids and their friends, not to mention us and the guys.   They get to spend a lot of time exploring one of our back yards with their buddies (both human and canine), as well as spending a lot of the time indoors at our feet, in our laps, in our beds, or in their kennels

We breed for quality  –  not quantity.    French Bulldog Puppies Florida have  goal is to improve the breed by only mating dogs that are in high conformance with the breed standard in conformation, health, and temperament.

The French bulldog is a medium-sized dog, friendly with children, affectionate, playful, adapts to any environment, when adults are found, the weight is 22 pounds maximum, this breed, this mare can easily coexist with other dogs since They are companion pets, they are not very athletic dogs due to their short snout. The French bulldog is one of the best breeds to provide company to children and adults, this breed has a diversity of colors both common and exotic.

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