French Bulldog Care

French Bulldog Care
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French Bulldog Care

French bulldogs are companion dogs, playful, friendly and above all affectionate with people.
Each race has its particularities and its care, it is no exception the French bulldog, for them we recommend the following care.


  • The frenchs bulldog is a little active joint, you can not do long walks since it is not a dog for sports.You must be very careful with high temperatures as they can cause heat stroke
  • This breed does not require brushing or combing, as it is a hair with short hair.
  • Frances bulldogs are prone to skin problems especially when they live in places with excessive humidity, either in bed or on the floor where they are kept.
  • The ears should be cleaned frequently to avoid infections in them.
  • These dogs are prone to flatulence, but there is nothing to worry about.
  • The food should be suitable for age and breed, normally puppies should be fed differently from adult dogs.
  • If your French bulldog is pregnant you should be careful as babies are born by caesarean, this is not a problem, but you should be careful with a good veterinarian.
French Bulldog Care
French Bulldog Care

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